Tree Removal in Lancaster PA

When trees pose a hazard or stand in the way of your plans, Allegiant Tree Care provides the expertise you need for safe and effective removal. With 19+ years serving Lancaster PA, we’re the area’s go-to tree removal company.

Why Choose Allegiant Tree Care for Tree Removal?

Safety First

Protecting your property and our team is our top priority. We use meticulous techniques and the right equipment for the job.

Experienced Arborists

Our arborists assess every tree removal for potential risks and the best approach for a smooth process.

Best Tree Removal Practices

We adhere to industry standards for tree health and environmentally responsible removal.

Any Tree, Any Size

From small ornamentals to towering giants, no project is too challenging for our skilled team.

Complete Cleanup

We leave your property spotless and ready for whatever comes next.

When Tree Removal is the Answer

Dead or Dying Trees

Diseased or severely damaged trees can become a liability, posing risks to structures and people.

Hazardous Growth

Trees leaning precariously or interfering with power lines must often be removed for safety.


When trees compete for resources, removal can improve the health of the remaining treescape.

New Landscaping Plans

Sometimes tree removal is essential to create space for your outdoor vision.

The Allegiant Tree Removal Process

Free Consultation & Estimate

We'll evaluate your tree(s), discuss your goals, and provide a clear, no-obligation estimate.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: Our arborists carefully plan the removal process to minimize risks and ensure efficiency.

Expert Execution

Using specialized equipment and safe techniques, we'll expertly remove your tree(s).

Thorough Cleanup

Branches, debris, and wood will be cleared, leaving your property tidy.

Optional Stump Grinding

Complete the transformation with our stump grinding service.


Tree removal regulations can vary within Lancaster PA. We are familiar with local ordinances and can help determine if a permit is required and assist with the application process if needed.

We offer several options. We can cut the wood into firewood-sized pieces for you, remove it completely, or a combination of both. Just let us know your preference!

Tree removal can be dangerous if not done by trained professionals. That’s why it’s essential to hire a company like Allegiant Tree Care, with experienced crews and specialized equipment, to handle the job safely.

The cost depends on factors like tree size, location, complexity, and additional services like stump grinding. We always provide free, detailed estimates so there are no surprises.

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